Our goal is to provide valuable, relevant database solutions based on business application requirements and outstanding help guidance for every database service.

Every business is unique, so managing and supporting their business application database requirements are varied. DB Whiz’s primary business is database consultancy in IT infrastructure, our team experts offering the service delivery with the combination of flexibility, reliability, security and brings the best performance of your business applications.

We believe in best practices, working to integrate business applications with Oracle / SQL Server databases more effectively. Even best practices remain same and every business computing requirement is different, we execute the relevant methodology diligently to provide appropriate, reliable database solutions / services based on our expertise in Oracle / SQL Server databases at affordable rates.

We are eagerly interested to become partnership with IT system integrators for engaging our database services in their projects, especially working on Oracle / SQL Server database requirements. By comparing Other IT Service Providers, our charges for DBA services are very affordable and cost effective.

Our skilled database experts collaborate and understand your database environment precisely and provide database consulting services in the following areas:

Database Software Installation, Implementation & Updates
Our database consultants are lots of expertise and depth knowledge to install and setting up Oracle database server in Windows / Unix / Linux..
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Database Design and Physical Implementation
Very early stage of database design could be initiated by application developing team. Unless, if your management bring the Data Architects..
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Database Administration and Maintenance (Ad hoc / regular) in on-site / remote
Protecting database from any issue and corruption is most important task of database administration. If your organization does not have a dedicated..
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Data Migration
The data movement and transformation between business applications needed in Business IT operations under different scenarios. Our database expert team..
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Database Upgrades
In some situations, your database software required to upgrade latest versions due to the support expiration (End of Life) or application requirement..
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Database Audit / Health Check-Up
Our holistic approach to database system analysis includes evaluating the configuration of your servers, storage and SAN, network, database design..
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Database High Availability / Disaster Recovery Plan
When your database applications are hit with hardware problems or can’t handle peak workloads, your business can quickly grind to a halt..
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Database Projects
Our team has wide range of experience to handle database assessment services involved in IT Architecture, Virtualization, Migration, High Availability..
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