Database Administration and Maintenance (Ad hoc / regular) in on-site / remote

Protecting database from any issue and corruption is most important task of database administration. If your organization does not have a dedicated DBA staff for managing databases, obviously Oracle / SQL Server databases are not maintained properly, then this situation could lead poor database performance, not placing proper database backup / recovery procedures, no data consistency checkups, no monitoring etc.

Our DBA services are more suitable for businesses won’t have any designated / dedicated DBA and lower the cost of database administration. We are expertise in resolving routine issues as well as critical data recovery and extensive practical experience in delivering of database support, will ensure the database service more reliable to your business applications based on your existing IT infrastructure. We are flexible DBA support for small and midsized businesses.

You can engage us to perform the following activities

– Storage Analysis
Our team’s in-depth understanding of deploying database physical data in local or dedicated storage reduces the IO bottleneck events in the database management system in future enormous data growth when business transactions increased rapidly. In the Implementation phase, the estimated data space is determined after our detailed analysis of your business growth during the conversion of logical data model to physical database stage.

– Security & Object Creation
The lack of security implementation may directly impact database server availability and data protection. For instance, unauthorized users can able to access important data and steal data from database. Robust IT Security Implementation at all possible levels could be causing very difficult to deploy and manage Database, Operating System software. Our Database Consultants will follow and establish adequate security procedures for securing database connections and systems without compromising required performance.

As per your business application ad hoc requirements, Our consultants can be engaged to perform the database requests which involved tasks like database user accounts maintenance, grant & revoke database access privileges, database object creation, export/import of data etc.

– Space Management
When data growth occurs gradually or exponentially depends on business transaction happenings in a period of time which impacts the physical storage size of certain database schema objects like tables, indexes and become one of the major factors for overall database performance. The monitoring and maintenance of physical disk space of these schema objects is one of the important DBA task for fine tuning disk IO which involves partial or full database reorganization such as rebuilding existing fragmented indexes, reorganizing large size tables, data archiving, purging and implementation of table partitions depends on your IT storage infrastructure and its resource availability.

The data archiving process is more closely binding with business transactions and host country’s accounting legal requirements. It could affect data spread across in all the related physical schema objects and transaction period of the data. This activity should be integrated with your business application and initiated by application support team. During this exercise, our consultants help your team from planning to execution stages.

Purging of unwanted data from operational database due to its huge growth could reduce its schema storage and eventually improve disk IO performance. Highly customizable planning and execution of tasks required to perform bulk data removal. Our team involvement could execute these operations efficiently without much surprise during this exercise.

– Performance Tuning
The databases are at the core of your application performance which requires continuous tuning and optimization for delivering the business results that your applications promise. We follow results driven approach to database optimization, DB Whiz’s Database Health Check-Up exercise facilitates better understanding of resource utilization. Our database experts optimize the database server for resource handling and usage to deliver a significant performance boost.

Investigation of root cause of performance issue and resolve quickly needs a wide area of knowledge, experience, professional approach required to achieve the application / database performance. Our database team’s expertise with latest technology ensures to optimize databases that range from megabytes to terabytes. Our goal is, minimizes the changes and optimizes the database performance within the limitations of database design and existing hardware resources. Depends on your long-term and immediate short-term needs, our team will be finding the fastest path to achieving those goals and proposed appropriate suggestions to obtain best possible database performance.

Our database experts are well experienced to configure the parameters of database engine and physical database to reach optimum performance. Sometimes, when data growth make the database performance slow due to the outdated meta data information, so our team will do the performance analysis to improve the Query performance and recommended to exercise the tasks involved for database enhancement such as statistical updates, reorganization of fragmented data in logical data objects and index tuning by rebuilding existing indexes or creation of appropriate indexes or recreating missing indexes or removing unused indexes.

Our commitment is, make our database consulting solutions and services value added, performance improvement during critical workloads and not dealing any performance bottlenecks, security loopholes or business disruptions in the long run. Depending on size and complexity of your environment, our tuning assignments could be engaged in two to three weeks duration and some might be longer. DB Whiz values our client’s system with utmost importance and builds solid trust along with customer satisfaction.

– Database Backup Strategy
The business data is of prime importance of any type business organization, cannot afford its loss. Database backups are essential for prevention of data loss and ability to recover from disasters. So, proper database backup method must be configured and executed periodically. Our backup strategy always preferred to perform simple with less complexity by using database software’s native backup tools. Our database experts understand backup options, optimization techniques, general best practices, make backup simple to determine right choice.

Our team configured the database backup and created backup schedule job. We will design the backup method based on your business application acceptable data loss and recovery criteria. If your business application needs always on scenario, then it is different aspect of database availability service requirement and better to go for robust business continuity & disaster recovery plan which costs business to enable premium features in database software.

Our team well expertise to design and propose the plan which has details about various methods involved in database high availability and standby database options either from native solutions or available third party utilities in the Industry to fulfill this requirement based on your budget.

For database backup verification, we always make sure to restore and recover the database from second or third schedule backup set for confirming the validity of backup data. In Addition, we will configure the inbuilt alert to verify the backup job completion status after its execution.

– Troubleshooting Production Database Issues
Our troubleshooting strategy during critical events starts from bottom to top approach. Our database experts go through their checking thoroughly to figure out any errors or problems in physical layer first then followed by OS, database instance levels and issue resolution in minimum possible time. Our preference is, make the database engine running and up the database service to the business applications as soon as possible.

During troubleshooting, our database expert team mostly preferred to use native diagnostics tools and event or error logging sources either from respective database software or operating system where the database engine deployed.

We follow up with your business representative to initiate the fact finding investigation for tracing the root cause after your financial approval. Afterwards, our team will report the actual findings and provide detailed, practical advice to address issues based on industrial best practices for avoiding the same events in future. Our team is very open to implement our recommended options based on your budget availability and management approval.

– Emergency DBA Support
Our Database Consultants focus and examine the situation in terms of possible restoration and recovery of databases. After thorough assessment includes many components and their associated interdependencies, we will provide the fact about current state of database and data with the required recommended steps to perform.

In an emergency recovery situation, our objective is to take or use your latest database backup and do the restore / recovery process with or without minimum data loss possibility. Take note that we do not provide data recovery services due to physical data corruption, if you require this service then need to liaise with Oracle / Microsoft Support or system / storage OEMs.

Sometimes, Oracle Support is vital during technically critical incident when our team troubleshooting Oracle Database issues. Our experts do not bring their attention during our earlier investigation. When their support is required, our team will narrow down the issue and follow their procedure to provide the necessary diagnostics information which helps the Oracle Support Engineer to focus on the problem specifically. Eventually, this reduces the time duration on both sides for addressing the issue and finding the right solution.