Database Software Installation, Implementations & Updates

Our database consultants are lots of expertise and depth knowledge to install and setting up Oracle database server in Windows/Unix/Linux platforms and SQL Server database server in Windows for Development, UAT, Production environments.

Based on business application requirements and best practices, our team analysis the sizing and evaluating server storage, memory requirements for Oracle / SQL Server database software / instances. Also optimized the I/O for the specific Oracle / SQL Server database requirement based on storage platform and understand how to properly configure RAID levels, volumes, and file layout for optimal performance, growth, and internal resiliency.

Our team members are well expertise in the consolidation of Oracle / SQL Server instances in order to optimize the server hardware as well as minimize the license costs, database creation based on logical data model specifications, database software patching or component installation and physical data relocation due to physical storage replacements.

For optimizing the IT hardware resources, our database experts are well versed in server virtualization and its next level of abstraction called cloud computing. We can design, build and optimize the performance in IT virtual infrastructure. After complete study of your entire IT architecture including the database, applications, servers, storage, and network infrastructure, our team will work out the feasibility of virtualization based on your business application, database requirements within your budget and schedule. We will implement and validate our virtual infrastructure design in the test environment first before going to production environment.