Database Design and Physical Implementation

Very early stage of database design could be initiated by application developing team. Unless, if your management bring the Data Architects or Application DBA within project team from beginning who can take care the data analyzing of every piece of information involved in business operations and created logical data objects after normalization process.
Eventually, a relevant logical database model will be placed for your business application which could be a strong data framework of your business operation for long period of time.

But in the most of application development projects, developers or system analysts take over Data Modeling job that have full freedom of define data structures and create database objects for data processing in development environment. The final outcome of this database design may not be a proper blueprint due to their lack of database designing skill set.

Even choosing of right database software is important decision making in business application development projects. If your team decides to keep business logic outside the database and recommend purchasing commercial database software then your business application not utilizing the key features and functionalities of this software. This results under utilization of database software and will not draw expected ROI (Return on Investment), of course not cost effective in long run by spending money on supporting expenditures.

DB Whiz’s vast experiences in strategic database planning and design, our consultants normalize the data structure with valid data type based on which relational database software deployed in your IT application development projects. The designing of database schema is totally different for OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing) and Data Warehouse type databases. So, the physical database implementation from logical database design for different type of databases should be an important stage in the IT business application development and critical to be considering of existing or new IT resources such as storage, server hardware capabilities, also appropriate database engine configuration to make sure the database service is most reliable with maximum availability.

If our involvements from database design stage in your IT application projects, we will analyze and apply data normalization procedure when architecting data schema, also providing standard operating procedure documentation for database objects creation with proper naming convention. We will make sure to implement physical data attributes like constraints, referential integrity for avoiding orphan records, duplicate or unwanted values during data collection in future. In short, our database consultants designing experience make the appropriate database for your business applications and not to be collection of data wastes. We define, build and maintain database solutions that deliver a Competitive Edge with sophisticated data management and keep information flowing smoothly.