Database Audit / Health Check-Up

Our holistic approach to database system analysis includes evaluating the configuration of your servers, storage and SAN, network, database design and in-depth review of your existing database implementation to ensure highest ROI (Return on Investment) in the IT infrastructure and achieve optimum database performance.

Our monthly/quarterly database health check-up visits, proactive database tasks & plans could eliminate any potential performance bottlenecks that could occur in future, avoid any database corruptions which eventually not disturbing your day-to-day business activities and maintain database capacity management issues.

Our team member perform maintenance/operations audit in first visit, involving a list of detailed questionnaire, also running DBA scripts to fetch system information from Oracle / SQL Server databases, analyze the collected data, generates a comprehensive report and continue the follow ups by discussions/questions in order to tune our recommendations which suits your business applications.

Our expertise team optimize Oracle / SQL server databases until reach good performance, based on our findings in the final report which lists down the explanations about backup strategy, database settings, index maintenance, consistency checking, monitoring, database physical layout, performance strategy and timely diagnosis of a fault saves database server from any critical problem in future, which may lead to disaster.

Either or both of these audits can be used as a way to gain solid understanding of your IT environment and database requirements, and as the basis for further consulting and/or training.
Best of all, this can all be done remotely – over email and the phone.