About Us

Who We Are?
DB Whiz is a Private Limited Company registered in Singapore, No. 201429006G, was established as business entity in 2008 and incorporated as company since 2014.

We are IT Professional Service Company, Specializing in Database Consulting and Solutions, Doing Oracle / Microsoft SQL Server Database Software Installation, Implementation & Updates, Database Design & Physical Implementation, Database Administration & Maintenance, Database Capacity Planning & Performance Tuning, Database Backup Strategy, Database Troubleshooting, Emergency Remote DBA support, On Demand DBA covering, Data Migration, Database Upgrades, Database Audit / Health Check-Up, Database High Availability/Disaster Recovery Plan and Database Projects.

DB Whiz design and provide appropriate database implementations for most complex IT application requirements. Our Team handles the complexity involved in databases & systems integration projects effectively, delivers customized, efficiency-enhancing, most tested solutions within the budget on time and meets out the expectations of our clients.

In the dynamic business world, the marketing capabilities, product or service enhancements for resolving customer’s key problems along with operational overheads keep on increasing in any size of business environments. The top management could face these globally changing challenges, intend to handle them confidently and persistently working to improve their business growth with scalability for achieving profitable financial returns.

So, the IT Investments on Hardware & Software should observe the maximum potential from latest technology by adapting and developing a reliable & efficient IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive database solutions and supporting services enabled to achieve this goal by architecting our best cost effective solution based on your budget and business requirements.

Most importantly, we are committed to deliver most reliable database solutions, cost effective plans to fit every budget without compromising your business operational requirements and avoid over architected expensive database infrastructure options or OVERBOUGHT hardware.

The database performance is business performance and database consulting Services from DB Whiz improve your business performance. Any database related requests, services, projects related to your business critical IT application requirements, DB Whiz is trusted, ideal IT service partner.


  • Become independent well known database consultancy in this region
  • Provide database consulting/services in affordable cost
  • Provide our expertise on database/IT services to all SME businesses at our best
  • Maintain consistency, reliability, quality in service delivery
  • Pursuit of Excellence in Professionalism

We are dedicated and motivated database expert professionals team. Our experts, with more than 20 years elevated experience in Industry are high level of expertise in database technologies with advanced certification from technology owner e.g. Oracle.

Become a reliable and cost effective IT solution provider in the database technology

Our emphasis is to bring our expertise and capabilities in order to support and involve in IT services, Infrastructure projects in database technology aspects

Core Values
We contemplate and adapt these values for attaining our vision and mission in this business journey

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Business Ethics
  • Team work